About Us
Perth Eco Power (Pty) Ltd Established 2014 in Perth, Australia by award winning entrepreneur Dammica Wickramaratne.
Lanka Energy Conservation (LEC) of Sri Lanka is an associate company of Perth Eco Power.
Perth Eco Power (Pty) Ltd (PEP) is an Australian based organization, bringing 35 years of engineering experience in hospitality, commercial, residential, construction industries. Following the best practices in energy conservation. Our solutions have a positive impact on the environment & financial performance.
Leading the way in diversified, innovative technology and providing energy solutions to complex infrastructure while being responsible for environment and sustainability.
Why our client engage us
Our engagement is from plant room to board room, "a proven sustainability evangalist" we have joined the unique club of engage retrofit provider in the world, and one of the few in the world to offer. Commercial guaranties for energy retrofit proojects, guaranties customer investment throught the payback period.
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